Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1

Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1

Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1 – Original from Dongfeng Cummins Engine Plant (DCEC), Cummins Joint Venture Plant, 50% shareholding by Cummins USA, original genuine Cummins generator engine.

Our large wholesale of Dongfeng Cummins generator engine brings competitive agent price for Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1. Our diesel generator factory manufacture Cummins generator set with high quality & fast delivery.

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Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1



290 kW @1500rpm

280 kW @1800rpm


320 kW @1500rpm

310 kW @1800rpm



Dimension : 2160 * 1155 * 1650 mm,

G.W : 970 KG


LEAD TIME : Around 10 Business Days

Bosch P7100 type mechanical fuel injection pumps have high injection pressure, optimize engine performance and establish an unrivalled reputation for reliability.

Strengthening electronic governor control unit to optimize engine speed stability, transient response and reliability.

Cummins optimized turbocharger delivers increased power, fuel economy, low smoke and lower noise levels.

Robust design for safety for mechanical fuel system engine.

Integrated fluid circuits replace hoses and eliminate potential leaks.

Four valves per cylinder for increased power with faster response and improved fuel economy.

Products are supplied complete with cooling package and air cleaner kit for a complete power package. Each component has been specifically developed and rigorously tested for Cummins G-Drive standards, ensuring high performance, durability and reliability.

Further Information - Cummins 6LTAA9.5-G1

When there is no mains power, or when cutting and/or power outages occur, a generator is advised as backup or safety equipment. In accordance with the criteria of Machinery Safety Directive 2006/42, movable elements such as distribution belts, fans, and parts that acquire high temperatures during operation, such as exhaust manifolds, have their respective safeguards.

Before being delivered, the generator is thoroughly checked at the factory. Voltage, frequency, and load are all tested, as well as the appropriate operation of warnings and the influence of engine oil temperature on stop.

6LTAA8.9-G Series

Engine ModelRated PowerStandby PowerFuel SystemAspiration
6LTAA8.9-G2 (220kw)220kW @1500 RPM240kW @1500 RPMBeiyou P7100 Pump/GAC GovernorTurbocharged/Aftercooled
6LTAA8.9-G3 (230kw)230kW @1500 RPM250kW @1500 RPMBeiyou P7100 Pump/GAC GovernorTurbocharged/Aftercooled
6LTAA9.5-G1290kW @1500 RPM320kW @1500 RPMBYC PB Type Injection Pump + RSV GovernorTurbocharged & Intercooled
6LTAA9.5-G3250kW @1500 RPM280kW @1500 RPMBYC PB Type Injection Pump + RSV GovernorTurbocharged & Intercooled

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